Deputy Transport Minister, Alhassan Tampuli has indicated of government’s resolve to support the maritime industry adequately. albendazole & ivermectin

As the Coronavirus pandemic emerged, seafarers who are vital to the maritime industry contributed to the transportation of about 80 percent of trade by volume, including vital food and medical goods, energy and raw materials, as well as manufactured goods across the globe.

As a result of this, the deputy minister believes the sector is filled with various opportunities which can be translated into huge revenue for stakeholders.

Speaking at the 15th Congregational Ceremony of the Regional Maritime University, Alhassan Tampuli urged the graduating students and existing students of the institution to maximise opportunities that may arise.

“This ranges from sectors such as shipping, logistics, insurance, port management, tourism, fishing and aquaculture just to mention a few. The sub-region can tap into the opportunities offered by this new frontier to propel its developments. ivermectin poultry egg withdrawal

“The Government of Ghana has not relinquished its responsibility as the host country of the University but is committed to providing the necessary infrastructure as assented to at the time of regionalization. I am pleased to inform you that under the Economic Development Cooperation Framework between the Government of Ghana and Korea, the Regional Maritime University would undergo massive infrastructure facelift and retooling,” Tampuli stated.

“As I speak to you, the Feasibility study for the Project is being finalized for the commencement of the Project. can you buy ivermectin in australia The scope of works to be covered under the project include the following; A training ship to provide onboard practical training for cadets; Training Simulators including a Full Mission Bridge, Coxswain, Full Mission Dynamic positioning, engine room and cargo handling among others; Educational equipment (Seafront Marine Research Lab, Transport Development Service Centre, Remote Education System and Fishing Gear Workshop Equipment among others,” he revealed.

The transport minister reiterated that government believes in the right to education as a fundamental principle to socioeconomic development.

“Government will therefore continue to commit the necessary resources to ensure that this project takes-off as it will positively impact on job creation for the teeming youth who would acquire relevant skills to work in the maritime and allied industries,” he stressed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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