The Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) has pushed for the development and operationalization of effective transport infrastructure programs to support the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) initiative.

According to the GSA, transport infrastructure is the key to the success of the program as it is intrinsically linked to the major operationalization arms of AfCFTA.

Delivering a paper at a four-day AfCFTA Trade Facilitation Conference for Transport and Logistics Services Providers held in the capital city of Togo, Lome, a Senior Shipper Services and Trade Facilitation Officer at the GSA, Mrs. Rhodalyn Djanitey said transport infrastructure programs must be simultaneously implemented alongside trade programs to yield the desired results.

Senior Shipper Services and Trade Facilitation Officer at the GSA, Mrs. Rhodalyn Djanitey answering questions at the conference.

She noted that, the development of the Transport Policy Framework, African Integrated Maritime Strategy, African Maritime Transport Charter, Trans-African Highways (TAH), Program for Infrastructure Development (PIDA) and the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) should be prioritized at the same level with AfCFTA.​

Mrs. Djanitey further posited that all the modes of transport (Sea, Air, Road and Rail) are likely to double by 2030 with the implementation of AfCFTA, hence the need for the continent to be prepared. “AfCFTA will put more pressure on an already challenged transport infrastructure as statistics from the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa shows a doubling of operations. We need to give it more attention as it will be a key determinant to smooth trading activities at an optimum cost.”

A cross section of participants at the AfCFTA conference on Transport and Logistics

The four (4) day conference convened by the AfCFTA Secretariat from Wednesday 31st May to Saturday 3rd June 2023 is therefore intended to foster dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among stakeholders in the transport and logistics industry.

Participants used the occasion to update the Secretariat on measures being taken to contribute to the development and growth of the logistics and transport sector for the sustenance of AfCFTA.

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