We leverage on our years of experience in freight forwarding to provide our customers with expect advise on customs formalities.

Our long years of delivering quality services has exposed us to various industries such as the pharmaceuticals, electronics, FMCG, mining and construction.

Some of the services rendered to our various customers includes but not limited to:

  • Custom duty drawback: For this service we assist clients reclaim their custom duties and taxes back from customs.This is only possible for consignments which duties have been paid, but are not consumed in the country due to re exporting and damages. Other cases also are when cargo short lands, expired products, destroyed products
  • Advance ruling on valuation: we assist clients achieve Method 1(transactional value) in the valuation of their cargo in other to make them competitive on the market.As per customs law, in cases where clients have enough evidence to put forward on the transactional value of the consignment. Customs are bind to accept same in the valuation. Our duties here is to make sure same values are used in the valuation of the client’s goods.